October Update

It’s been a busy Summer and start of Autumn for our research team. Dr Chand has received an additional grant and is currently collecting new data for the project which explores the relationship between bilingualism and dementia.

In keeping up with collecting data and hearing the experiences of patients, carers, family members, and other individuals interested in AD, the study has been added to Join Dementia Research: a service which allows individuals to volunteer for research in dementia studies. This is a very positive development in our outreach efforts and will hopefully allow us to continue reaching our goal of assessing and understanding public needs, questions and perceptions of language changes associated with Alzheimer’s dementia. To reach this goal, we are holding two more workshops this November on the following days:

  • Friday 18th November from 10:30 to 15:00
  • Saturday 19th November from 10:30 to 15:00

If you are interested in attending one of these workshops or if you know someone who might like to attend, please fill out this short workshop registration survey. Alternatively, you can email or call us at +44 07468 733167


August Update

We have spent this year refining our research questions per community feedback and developing an impact plan which will support the dementia community. An important part of both of these efforts has been in the form of workshops and interviews as well as various outreach initiatives.


  • In January, Dr Chand attended the Westminster Forum on Policy and Priorities for Dementia Care
  • Two half-day workshops held at the University of Essex
  • 18 one-on-one interviews, held over the Spring and Summer
  • Dr Chand gave a public outreach talk at the Clacton Dementia Cafe in May
  • Dr Chand gave a research talk at the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) bi-annual study day on the Psychiatry of Old Age Clinical Excellence Network (CEN)
  • Dr Chand has been on BBC Essex talking about language, communication and dementia
  • Our research and workshops were featured in the East Anglian Daily Times as well as The Colchester Gazette
  • Seeking community involvement and feedback from Speech and Language Therapists through an article posted in the RCSLT Research Newsletter
  • Seeking community involvement and feedback from the clinical sphere through the Dementia CHAIN
  • Seeking feedback from community members directly impacted by dementia by designing and distributing fliers through Colchester and surrounding areas as well as visiting area dementia cafés’ and attending Dementia Friends sessions


  • We were awarded two grants at the end of 2015 to support our activities related to research questions and impact development as well as to support efforts to solicit public consultants for our larger research agenda
  • Dr Chand was awarded a grant to explore bilingualism and Alzheimer’s at the Latino Aging Research and Resource Center at UC Davis
  • We are currently preparing a larger ESRC bid drawing on the feedback we received from community members and the clinical sphere

Future goals:

  • Planned autumn workshops
  • Additional one-on-one interviews with interested parties
  • Additional interactions with dementia community through dementia cafés and dementia friends
  • Attendance at future RCSLT CEN workshops
  • Confirmation of community-based advisory board members
  • Submission of ESRC bid to support language, communication and dementia research project
  • Additional community engagement through Join Dementia Research
  • Implementation of impact and community engagement plan
    • For example, development of a blog for SLTs and other clinicians to provide succinct summaries of recent research on language, communication and dementia