We held our last set of workshops in November 2016. While we do not have additional workshops planned at this point in time, there are still other ways to get involved!

If you would like to attend one of the workshops or ask about other ways to get involved, fill out this short interest survey, email us, or call us at (+44 01206 872101)

Community Responsive and Community Needs Grounded Research


We are conducting workshops and individual interviews with dementia clinicians and nurses, dementia society administrators and users, caregivers, and others interested in Alzheimer’s Dementia (AD). The initial goal is to explore community and society-based needs and interests related to language, communication and AD, which will inform our larger research agenda. The next goal of this project is to develop materials and other resources to support our contributors’ future interactions with AD patients, as well as to inform the larger community about language-based changes related to AD.

What does a workshop entail?

Our workshops all begin with time to register, find your seat, get a cup of tea or coffee, and chat with the research team and other workshop participants. Once everyone is registered and settled in, there will be a brief introduction to give you a better understanding of the project, the research team, and a more general overview of what the workshop is for. We then go around the room to give everyone a chance to introduce themselves. The rest of the workshop  will be spent talking about our broader research questions and talking as a group about these questions, your experiences, ideas, and questions for further study. As the workshop will last a half day, lunch will be provided.

Feedback from some of our workshop attendees:

“It makes me feel a bit better to know other people feel the same–I’m not alone.”

“A worthwhile event with great company and lots to mull over.”

“It was most interesting to hear of other peoples’ experiences which gave us a better understanding of some of the problems involved.”

“Being part of the project has been a great experience. The subsequent exchanges and interview have stimulated an interest in the whole area.

“I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I was particularly interested in the discussions around second language speakers and the correlations made for people with dementia.”

“Very nice, friendly, almost informal chat. Very good environment for the subjects discussed. I have learnt a lot and am eager to continue my involvement in the subject area.”

If you are interested in contributing, please fill out this short workshop registration survey. If you would like to hear about other ways to get involved, please email or call us at (+44 01206 872101).