The Research Team

Primary Investigators:

Dr. Vineeta Chand & Dr. Monika Schmid

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This project is housed within the Centre for Research in Language Development throughout the Lifespan, Department of Languages & Linguistics, University of Essex, UK.

Dr. Chand’s expertise as a sociolinguist is in late life spoken language and dementia-based language changes. Dr. Schmid’s expertise is in the loss of one’s native language (first language attrition) in healthy populations. Both researchers are active in developing public engagement with their research, via forums like The Conversation, BBC4’s Word of Mouth and The World Tonight, and offering expert commentary within new articles. We also are both regisDementia Friendstered Dementia Friends.

Postdoctoral Research Assistant:

Photo_Website.png  Dr. Cornelia Lahmann, Postdoc, Psycholinguistics

Research Assistant:

10424304_10153509717178055_7554691532527518065_n     Erica Hall, MA, Sociolinguistics

Our research is supported by the University of Essex Executive Dean’s Fund and the ESRC Impact Initiative. We work in collaboration with the UC Davis Alzheimer’s Disease Center.


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